The annual workshop on organization and conducting external summative assessment for Intellectual schools’ students took place on the basis of Nazarbayev Intellectual school of Physics and Mathematics in Semey. Representatives of the department of education quality assessment and international accreditation (DEQAIA) of AEO “Nazarbayev Intellectual schools” and subject-specialists of the monitoring and external summative assessment division of Center of pedagogical measurement as well as deputy directors of 19 Intellectual schools participated in the workshop. Director of the DEQAIA Gulnar Kurmanbayeva introduced participants with the aim and programme of the workshop, talked on the importance of proper organization of educational process in the school and preparation of students to external assessment. Deputy director of the Center of pedagogical measurements Leila Tursynova talked about organization and conducting of external summative assessment in 2018-2019 academic year. The information on selection of subjects by students for UNT certificate and enrollment to higher educational institutions (HEI) generated interest among participants. Semey Intellectual school employees shared their experience on organization of educational process, morale building activities and career guidance work for successful preparation of students to external assessment and achieving high results for enrollment to top HEI of the country and abroad. In particular, deputy director for academic affairs Gulnara Kairkhanova presented the system of organization and conducting external assessment in Semey Intellectual school, deputy director for profile-experimental work Raigul Kaiyrkenova highlighted the theme of organization vertical and horizontal planning for improving the process of teaching and learning, deputy director on educational work Larissa Abilkassimova together with psychological and curatorial service employees talked about the system of psychological and pedagogical support of students during the preparation to examinations, shared their experience of conducting trainings with students and developing individual route for students. During the workshop, school teachers conducted open lessons and masterclasses on external assessment subjects where they have shared their experience of effective preparation of students to examinations, development of analysis and synthesis skills through differentiated tasks, showed staged approach of teaching text analysis, methods of effective writing and achieving learning objectives on science subjects. Based on analysis of past examinations, subject-specialists of Center for pedagogical measurements suggested ways of improving external summative assessment results through cross-curriculum integration in terms of sciences, development of science skills, analysis of texts and writings, using terminologies in teaching and assessment.

Press-service of NIS of Physics and Mathematics in Semey