Semey intellectuals received copyright

Another copyright was given to the 9th grade students of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Semey. Thanks to the joint work of copyright holders Miras Aitbek and Daniyal Moldybekov, an interactive map of the cultural and historical heritage of the Abay region has been developed. With this map, travelers can get information in 3 languages on the historical places of the region.

– Our map is still in the form of a layout. However, I can say that all the necessary information is available. In particular, the route along the Semey-Karauyl route (Kushikbay pass, M. Auezov’s house-museum in Borili, Kaskabulak, Oykuduk, Enlik-Kebek cave, Yeraly valley, wintering Aigerim, historical and cultural sights of Zhidebay) to the memorial complex is indicated and gives a lot of information about historical and cultural places. The advantage of our map is that for the convenience of the tourist, information was loaded in Kazakh, Russian and English. We also prepared not only text material, but also an audio recording, – says one of the authors of the project, Miras Aitbek.

According to the supervisor, history teacher Maksat Kudageldin, young researchers have been working on the project for a long time.

It is always better to support such initiatives, the search for our students. We are educators and guides. We provide appropriate assistance if necessary. Now we have work to improve the project. Now our goal is to turn the map layout into a full-fledged website and create conditions for its operation without the Internet, – says the supervisor.

Young researchers note that the idea of creating an interactive map arose in connection with the acquisition of the status of a region by our region and the presence of a huge number of historical sights.