The employee of NIS Semey rescued people from the fire

Name of Dauren Zhambaev immediately became known in the city. The act of the deputy director for financial and economic part of the NIS Semey, who saved the lives of two people, is considered heroic by the townspeople. The incident took place on Sunday between 04:00 and 05:00 am.

– On Saturday at midnight, the long-awaited final match of the Champions League took place. After the match was over, I went outside. I saw smoke and fire, informing the firemen, I immediately ran there. As soon as I approached the cafe, I immediately began to knock on all the doors and windows, but no one answered me. A little later, I saw a man who, with the last of his strength, opened the emergency door of the building and immediately lost consciousness. I gave him first aid. He regained consciousness and said that there was another person inside. It was impossible to enter immediately, as the flames intensified, and the fire area expanded. I tried to enter, but I began to choke. Going out into the street, I went around the cafe, breaking the window with a brick, I was able to carry out the second person, – says our colleague.

Kulyash Shamshidinova, Chairman of the Board of AEO “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools” took part in the ceremony of honoring our hero, which took place today in our educational institution.

– To get inside a burning fire, to find a person in it is beyond the power of any of them. This is a big feat. This is education. Therefore, having thanked our colleague, we wish you good health, family well-being!, – said Kulyash Nogataevna.

Dauren Abinserikovich noted that firefighters performed a real feat. Despite the flames, experts took out 4 gas cylinders from the cafe. Obviously, the civic stand and humanity of our colleague, the father of five children, will become a vivid example for many. It should be noted that Dauren Zhambaev has been working at our school since 2012.