NIS teachers discussed the President’s Message

“Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Semey” discussed the Message of the head of state K.Tokayev on theme: “The critical public dialogue is the basis of stability and prosperity of Kazakhstan.” The main directions of the Message were presented in the school assembly hall.

“According to the Message, the priority for the country is the solution of socio-economic, cultural and spiritual issues. The Message focuses on the rights and freedom of citizens of the country. This is very valuable”, said History teacher- Zhanat Amangozhin in his report.

The Director of the school Bagdan Kaiyrzhanov noted that the President pays special attention to the relevant problems of our society today.

– The Message of the President is not just a word. The given Message is a document that determines in which direction our country is developing. This Message sets the vitally important issues for every citizen of our country: economics, agriculture, education, medicine, culture, etc. The Message poses new challenges for us. In his speech, the President said that it is necessary to determine the students’ abilities and change into professional education. We give our students the opportunity to choose a profession and move forward in the chosen direction. And we will continue this work in the future”, said the school principal.

At the end of the meeting, the school leadership encouraged teachers to take an active part in the further implementation of the points of the Message regarding education.

Press Service of the NIS in Semey