Project READx in our school!

Project “READx” proceeds in the Nazarbayev Intellectual school of Semey. READx is the active platform for the listeners, pupils and teachers  who wishes to share  new educational ideas and to hear that it is necessary for them and also for encouraging active judges of the book lovers. On May 24 in our school took place meeting within the READx project. This time  six speakers took part in READx and told the impressions about books and works which had the deepest impact on their inner world and outlook. Speakers managed to create good mood within sharing the inspiration with listeners. In conclusion of the project the audience of listeners shared opinions with participants, got acquainted with works at a book exhibition, defined the direction on their future development. Good books bring much more benefit, than  just watching from the Internet or telecasts.
Therefore read books, be in a trend!

А. Kaldybayeva,
Teacher – librarian