Science projects

Project authors: Әсетова Ақерке

Short description:

Relevance of the project

To provide humanity with clean drinking water is the main problem of the XXI century. Over the past few decades, groundwater has become one of the most important resources of mankind. Due to geographical location, an arid climate, lack of surface runoff, groundwater is often the only source of water supply. The consequences of the impact on the human body, pollutants contained in groundwater are difficult to prove and eliminate.

The hypothesis can be assumed that the most of the samples taken from the wells of the private sector will not meet the drinking standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Research objective. To study the ecological state, physical properties, chemical composition and microbiological indicators of groundwater and their effects on the human body.

Research tasks.

1.Conducting route survey.

2.Study and analysis of data on the Semey meteorological station, plotting the dependence of the groundwater level on the amount of precipitation.

3.Sampling, studying the quality and chemical composition of groundwater.

Research methods

1.conducting route survey;

2.binding of the studied areas by the GPS navigator;

3.water sampling for chemical and bacteriological analysis;

4.carrying out analysis to determine the pH and some other types of analysis in the school laboratory; and analysis of data on meteorological station Semey. Construction of graphs of the dependence of the groundwater level on the amount of precipitation; of the chemical composition and quality of groundwater;

7.Collection of statistics on Semey family outpatient clinic

The object of research.

Semey groundwater used for domestic water supply of the private sector.

ResultsThe goal, thanks to the research work that was done, was achieved. Upon receipt of the analysis’ results, quite a few exceedances of the MPC of various substances contained in the water were detected. Studying the influence of precipitation on the groundwater level, we came to the conclusion that the groundwater level is directly proportional to the amount of precipitation.

Analyzing all the data obtained, we found out that exceeding the norms of concentrations of certain ions in groundwater are consequences of anthropogenic influences.

Project author: Еркiнбек Ринат

Short description:

The purpose of the project: the study of the environmental situation of the unauthorized dumping site in the territory adjacent to the NIS FMN of Semey.       

Research methods:

  1. Conducting a route study.
  2. Binding of landfill items with GPS navigator,
  3. Study of the radiation situation (ind. Radio RADEX RD1503).
  4. Sampling of soil and determination of pH in a water extract.
  5. Sampling of soil for the determination of heavy metals and trace elements in soil.
  6. Study, analysis of data on meteorological station in Semey.

The results of the study:

As a result of the study of the composition of the waste, it was revealed that the maximum amount is accounted for construction waste (29.8%), manure (21.2%), slag (15.8%); minimum on wood, paper, food waste, etc.

It is established that at a distance of 10 m from the landfill body, a significant increase in the pH of the aqueous extract (pH-8.9) is observed compared with the control (pH-6.6).

The results of the study of the elemental composition of the soil showed that the content of heavy metals and trace elements depends on the distance from the landfill body. Heavy metals, falling into the soil, undergo various changes.

The radiation indicator on the territory of the unauthorized landfill ranges from 0.15 to 0.28 μr / h. The maximum value was obtained at observation point No. 2, where the main components of the landfill are large electronic equipment.      

Conclusions: Analyzing the research, we can conclude that the pollution of the territory of the landfill is only man-made.

Project author: Сахмолдин Мухаммаддариф

Short description:

Physics Helper is an application created in the Wunder interactive online programming school environment tool. Witch is been taught as a special course in computer science. The purpose of the Physics Helper to provide intensive training in the subject of physics. The application is concise, affordable and systemic. It is possible to download from the Play market application and offline use from the phone.

Project authors: Сырбаева Малика, Байскакова Дильназ

Short discription:

The main goal of our app «Unemde» is to help people to organize their day correctly and conveniently. You should just write all deals that you have planned to our list and the app will generate the plan of your day that will suit you.

Project authors: Абишев Даулет, Ережепов Нұртілеу

Short description:

Mobile application, created to determine the route of the city Semey, is intended for tourists and visitors to the city. When launching the application, the user is offered to continue working without authorization or log in through the registration system.

After authorization, the main application window opens. On the main screen are 6 main directions to choose from: about the city, hotels, entertainment, museum, cafe, attractions.

The user selects the desired category, the right place and can view information about this place and get directions to this area.

Project authors: Бөдес Нұржан, Қанағатова Жансая

Short description:

Objective of the study. Using the Peltier element to create a model of home heating.

The relevance of research. Using groundwater, to offer residents not only an environmentally friendly source of energy, as well as a cost-effective source. According to the goal of Kazakhstan for the future, to contribute to the solution of ecology and energy production problems.

Object of research. Using data and informative-innovative technologies, to get acquainted with the device of groundwater and thermal electric stations. Make own calculations and measurements.

Research tasks:

1.become familiar with the device of semiconductors;

2.make a heating model for the project;

3.use the Peltier element;

4.make the necessary calculations;

5.make a conclusion.

Hypothesis. If the idea proposed by us helps to reduce household expenses, and enables the development of an environmentally friendly energy source, then we think that in the future the project can be implemented and used for the benefit of the people. Conclusion

  1. 1. According to the objective of the research, the necessary calculations were carried out to provide residents with a form of energy using groundwater, and for a device that operates around the clock.
  2. In the research part, the ways of providing homes with energy and water, which are independent of central heating and have private water supply, and also save residents’ finances, were shown. A heat-producing Peltier element is the most profitable form of energy, suitable for long-term use and meets our expectations.
  3. According to the novelty of the project and the work of the authors, regarding the “Future Energy” program without harming the environment, the problem of home heating with the help of Peltier element was considered.
  4. 4. Also in the practical part of the project a model of a vertical water pump was made, calculations were carried out on the proposed solution paths.