How to write a good motivation letter – tips and tricks


  1. Don’t copy your motivation letter from others, but make sure that the letter is tuned to the company and job you are applying for. A motivation letter is a personal letter, so use your own style to show who you are.
  2. Do not write about your family (what is your mother working is not in concern of the organization)
  3. Do not put pictures! – This is official document. If you want to be more creative – make separate file to present yourself in more interesting way if the position you apply for is relevant.


  • Mention clearly why the organization has to choose you for the project. Be concrete, convincing, without being arrogant.
  • If you know the name of the responsible person, start your letter with this name. This person will feel personally approached by your letter, which is always positive.
  • Start always with your positive points, weak points they will ask in the talk, so don’t mention them in your letter.
  • Formulate your letter positive and future oriented. Example:”I am eager to learn and prepared to adapt myself to the new working situation…”, instead of “I have no experience in this working field.”
  • Motivate your statements with facts and experiences. Use for example experiences in your personal life: “I have three-year experience in leading and animating children in the regional scouts team”
  • Collect information about the organization. In this way you show interest and you can adapt your letter better to the company needs and function.
  • Tell in which way you distinguish yourself from others with the same education and diploma.
  • Pay attention to the sending organization. Candidates applying with different organization are considered ineligible.

To check before sending your letter….

  • Did I mention clearly the name of the project I want to apply for?
  • Did I motivated clearly why I want to apply for that project?
  • Did I mention why I fit this position?
  • Did I checked my motivation letter on errors?
  • Did I checked if my CV is still up to date and relevant for the function?