Experience dissemination of psychological service of NIS Physics and Mathematics in Semey

Within the framework of experience dissemination by psychological service, in December 25, 2018 a workshop was held for teachers-psychologists of Semey schools on the topic “Prevention of psycho-emotional burnout of the teacher and psycho-emotional stress of students.” The goal of this meeting was to familiarize participants with technologies of psychological support of the Intellectual School’s educational process on the prevention of psycho-emotional stress of students and professional burnout of teachers.
In the first part of the workshop, a warm-up “Jingle Bells” was held in an activity style, during which the participants were able to practice their hand coordination skills. This exercise contributes to the integration of the cerebral hemispheres, physical tension and emotional squeezing relief, and allows to tune in a positive way. Further, for the participants of the seminar was presented a master class in an art-therapy technique “Wire-freeform”. For psycho-emotional unloading, the antistress motive was chosen. The seminar participants also showed their creative abilities in the psychological show “Without complexes”.
According to the feedback of colleague-psychologists, the workshop contributed to the expansion of the cognitive horizons, and made it possible to formulate ideas for relieving emotional stress of students and teachers in their schools. Each participant was issued a personal certificate. As part of the experience dissemination, it was decided to continue the cooperation between NIS psychological service and school psychologists – annual traditional seminars, opportunities for cooperation in psychologizing knowledge among NIS and secondary school students, as well as the workshop participants at their sectional meetings will share their experience with the rest of local schools’ educator-psychologists.

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