Educators disseminate experience

Due to the task assigned by the Head of the State of the Kazakhstan, N.A. Nazarbayev in this year’s Message to disseminate the learning experience of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools, the performers’ number of the specific events were also added by dormitory educators of Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics of Semey. The methodological association of educators who have been teaching and educating our students living in the dormitory for the past two years is always ready to share their experience with others.
– Considering the fact that only 2 years have passed since our dormitory was opened, the preparation of the necessary concept, programs on educational work and adaptation and their implementation in the first years is the result of great work. We are currently working on the comprehensive development of the child, guided by these programs. At the same time, we also do not forget to share experience with others, sharing existing methods and tools in the field of education. Upbringing and education are similar concepts. That is, by teaching others we teach ourselves”, – said Kalzhan Omarbayeva, head of the dormitory.
In order to disseminate the experience, the teachers of “Zhas Ulan” boarding school -lyceum for boys visited our school and got acquainted with the necessary information and received some help. The guests, having visited the school and dormitory, took part in the seminar, where they got acquainted with the techniques on various topics prepared by the dormitory educators. For example, the educators, showing slides, covered such topics as: “Ways of organizing the dormitory work efficiently ”, “Action research in the context of dormitory”, “Effective methods for solving problems of teaching students a foreign language in the context of dormitory”. In addition, many workshops were organized on the work of the circles, after which they even found time to get feedback and freely exchange their opinions.
In turn, dormitory educators stressed the role of social projects in raising a child in society. For example, the establishment of a regular and joint communication between the dormitory educators and urban home for the elderly and disabled, a boarding school, and kindergartens contributes to the development of the student’s human qualities. At the same time, the contribution of educators to improving the ability of each child through giving importance to his age development is also great.
The participants asked their questions and noted that they had to learn a lot. For example, the Deputy Director for educational work of the male school-lyceum-boarding school “Zhas-Ulan”, Major Bauyrzhan Dyusebayev suggested experimenting the acquired skills in practice, noting that the goal of educators of two educational institutions is the same. According to this proposal, the parties agreed in the future to implement social projects with the participation of students from two schools. Thus, work began on disseminating experience of educators of Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Semey.

Press service of Nazarbayev Intellectual
School of Physics and Mathematics in Semey