Result of the net project

At the end of the first half of the academic year, the evening night was held in our school. The 7th grade students, who had been accepted to the school a few months ago, demonstrated their skills acquired in the framework of the projects: “100 songs”, “100 kyuis” and “100 books”. The given projects launched just in Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools give opportunity to reveal other abilities of our talented students and serve as evidence that they are able to combine knowledge and art.

– Whatever project we consider, every project has an educational importance. We demand all 7th grade students enrolled in our school to participate in these projects, as thanks to these projects, they receive information about the dombyra – the traditional instrument of the Kazakh people, kyuis and songs. Within the framework of the project “100 books”, children by reading get acquainted with the works of outstanding figures of Kazakh and world literature. Involving children in various forms of art through the student learning is a key task of our school. Through today’s event, we decided to see how talented and what our students have learned”, – said Larisa Abylkasymova, Deputy Director for educational work.

The reporting concert began with the choir performance of the song Abay “Kozimnin karasy”. The 7th grade students, whose voices sounded as one, sang the song “Otanym”, showing love for the country and the land. Another skill of our children, who demonstrated their excellent skills in singing, we were able to see when they performed kyui. The orchestra of dombyra players, consisting of 100 students, impressed the audience with their performance of Abay’s kyui “Tor zhorga”, as it is not easy to learn how to perform such a difficult kyui within 3 months.
The students also proved that they have artistic abilities, through the stage performance of the works that children read as part of the “100 books” project. For example, 7 “A” grade students showed the play “Romeo and Juliet”, 7 “B” – “My name is Kozha”, 7 “C” – “White Beem and black ear”, 7 “D” – “Wizard of Emerald city “.

– If we were happy that our daughter was recently accepted into this school, today we are once again glad that our daughter and we made the right choice for her future. There is no doubt that the projects “100 songs”, “100 kuyis”, “100 books” for students are useful and viable. I believe that such events will continue in the future, as they promote national art and instill national values in the younger generation. We can only say thanks to the teachers for their help and support to children in mastering the three different areas of art in such a short period of time”, – said a parent Nurgul Sadykova. The concert was accompanied by various dance flashmobs prepared with the help of school choreographers. The evening ended with the warm wishes of the school administration and parents

Press service of Nazarbayev Intellectual
School of Physics and Mathematics in Semey