Helping people is a school tradition

Doing charity work and doing good deeds has long become an integral part of the life of students, curators, teachers and parents of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Semey. This good tradition has found its continuation on the eve of the New Year. Students, curators and teachers from the NIS Teacher Volunteers club held charity events.

Students from the Shanyraks “Khan Tengri” and “Abai” under the guidance of educational organizers and curators Aklima Seksenbaeva and Anastasia Soboleva, together with the city club “Volunteers. Leader. Semey” collected 74 bags for children in need. This organization receives more than 200 requests for help, our students and parents were able to help more and will be able to please children by giving them joy. Also, a 7th grade student sewed reusable masks with her own hand, which in turn were also put into bags with New Year’s cards, the design of which was invented by the students themselves.

– All students with great joy supported the idea of collecting New Year’s bags. Giving gifts we ourselves feel great joy, volunteer work gives us the opportunity to take a little break from study, recuperate, sets us up for a joyful wave. First, we opened the gathering for everyone, then we all went to buy sweets together. I hope that our small gifts will be able to give joy and smiles to children. Charitable actions teach us kindness and well-coordinated teamwork, develops leadership qualities in students, – Aya Beisenova, a 12th grade student, shares her opinion.

The students of the Shanyraks “Borili” and “Tarbagatai” did not remain aloof from good deeds. Together with the curators Dulatova Gulzhan and Biakhmetova, Meruert visited their social partners; children from the social rehabilitation center “Solnyshko” presented New Year’s toys made by students.

The teachers of the NIS Teacher Volunteers club, organized on the network, launched the week of Good and Mercy, within which a fundraiser was announced to help children with musculoskeletal disorders. Material assistance was provided to 5 sick children. All these good deeds serve as a vivid example to follow, calling on the school community to support social events and become members of volunteer clubs!

Press service of the NIS PM Semey