Boomerang Kindness charity event

The charity action “Boomerang of Kindness” together with their parents was organized by the pupils of the “Altai” shanyrak of the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of the city of Semey. Curator Nurzhanat Kasimova supported this initiative for grades 8A and 11D. Pupils of the shanyraks “Ertis” (8 E and 11 L) and “Maraldy” (8 D and 11 B), as well as students of the 11 C grade did not stand aside and also took an active part in the action, the purpose of which was to help KSU “Orphanage No. 8 “of the city of Semey.

The first stage of the Boomerang Kindness charity event was to find out about the things that were necessary for this institution. In the course of a conversation with the administration of the KSU “Children’s House No. 8” it became clear that the inmates of the institution need warm winter clothes, namely outerwear – jackets, down jackets and shoes. The organizers were also aware that the pupils had a sewing machine for making felt products. For this reason, the inmates of this institution also needed felt. The next step was to disseminate information about the Boomerang Kindness charity event.

To this end, grade 11D students created bright, colorful flyers in three languages. The flyers were distributed on the official NISEMEY school page on Instagram, as well as in class chats on Whatsapp. Thanks to this, a large number of people responded. The third stage included the collection of material resources and things. For the collected amount of 60,500 tenge, the necessary things were purchased – felt, accessories, sweets, fruits, clothes.

Unfortunately, due to the current situation with coronavirus infection, NIS students were not able to visit the orphanage. On behalf of the participants of the action, the curators of the eighth grades and one of the parents handed gifts and good wishes to the staff and pupils of KSU “Orphanage No. 8”. It should be noted that Nurzhanat Orynbaevna has been cooperating with this institution for 10 years.

During this time, together with her students, she visits the inmates of the orphanage, organizes visits for children to the NIS FMN in Semey. Participation in this charity event contributed to the development of these friendly relations and such qualities as responsiveness and indifference among the students of our school. Do good, and it will definitely come back to you!

Renata Usmanova, Aruzhan Sailauova,<br>11D grade students of NIS PM, Semey