In objective educational work

AEO “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools” successfully share their experience with secondary schools. It is important to promote not only the educational and methodological process in the field of education, but also to provide methodological assistance to other specialists in the field of education, some of whom are deputy directors for educational work and class teachers.

According to the plan and the set task, a seminar on the presentation of projects of the educational process was held at the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Semey.

– Our goal is to provide methodological support to deputy directors for educational work, for the further successful implementation of educational practice in the educational process. At today’s seminar, we intend to widely disseminate and give full information about projects in Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools, such as “Continuity of Generations”, “Poets of the Great Steppe”, “Proverbs used in my life” and “Zamandastar zhyrlaydy”. Each of these projects can have a beneficial effect on the all-round development of the individual, – says Larisa Abylkassymova, deputy director for educational work of the NIS PM in Semey.

The seminar was organized on the ZOOM platform, where the curators organized explanatory work on their projects. Representatives of 30 schools of the city took part in the seminar. The participants of the seminar jointly searched for an answer to the question “What is the role of education projects in the education system?”

Press service of NIS PM Semey