Online GIN conference

Our school hosted an annual conference of the Global Issues Network club.The conference was attended not only by the members of the club itself, but also by the students of pilot schools.9 projects that benefit our city, nature conditions and environment were presented.Participants are focused on global issues and start with local actions.

– Our club’s projects are focused on 17 sustainable UN goals.We research, analyze,change, start an present.Although we are all school students, we want to raise the level of awareness in our environment and contribute to the development of society and the ecology together.All members of the GIN club want to make a contribution to the future of the world by their small steps”,- says GIN club member Mubarak Aruzhan

During this year of the club’s existence, we managed to achieve a lot things. We had a big fair named” GIN:Bake sale”.For the first time there was a collaboration “GIN & TEDx conference”, where students of 7-11th grades  made speeches on the topic of 17 sustainable goals of the UN.The club worked very closely with the “Adal volunteers club” and our school’s volunteer teachers.Thanks to this team work, we were able to change the paper bottles to metallic ones for the “Plastic bottles recycling & Double portion of kindness”projects. Active students of  7th grade were volunteers of GIN club and helped with these projects.

Pilot schools presented projects as:” Cleanliness in every yard”;” Жақсылық зая кетпейді “,” ЭКО біздің өмірімізде “, and our students showed such projects as:” Heart of Happiness”,” Child Smile”,”Zaman”,” We are together”,”Children are flowers of life”,”In the arms of kindness”.Participants presented their projects in Kazakh, Russian and English, thereby developing the trilingual environment in our society.Each project told about their achievements,goals and plans for the future.All those who are interested in projects can find more information on the @nissgin page.

Press Service of Nazarbayev Intellectual School
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