Togyzkumalak Spartakiad successfully completed

Traditional togyzkumalak Olympics were held among the students of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools. 88 students took part in the ІІІ network competition, which took place online. Among the young athletes, divided into 3 age groups, competed Bekzhan Adilzhappar, Ayim Ukimbergenova, Arnat Zhagaparov, Aruzhan Oralbekova from Semey.

– The victory of our students raised the prestige of the school. First of all, I would like to congratulate the students on these victories. In general, our school is interested in the national game, including togyzkumalak. Each time the number of children who want to learn the game increases. Taking this into account, the school administration and teachers create all conditions for young athletes, – said the coach of the winners, physical education teacher Aydin Myrzakhmetov.

According to the results of the competition held on the PlayOk platform, a student of 9 “E” class of our school Bekzhan Adilzhappar took 1st place among boys of 7-9 grades, and Aruzhan Oralbekova – a student of 11 grade – 2nd place among girls of 10-12 grades. And Aruzhan Oralbekova and Arnat Zhagaparov took the 3rd place among the teams of students in grades 10-12.

Press service of NIS FMN Semey