Friendship won

An intellectual and cognitive game “Bilimdі myndy zhygar” was held among 7th grade students. Six teams took part in the game, the purpose of which is to stimulate students’ interest in learning, teamwork, intellectual development, logical, cognitive and creative activity. The game for the teams “Sunkar”, “NiS Stars”, “Friendship”, “HOMO NOVUS”, “Intellectum”, “Hogwarts” included three rounds.

At the first stage of the game “Baiga”, the agility of the participants was checked and the team that was the first to answer the question was taken into account. During the Doda round, the teams selected a question by category: Literature, Logic, Science, Riddle, Miscellaneous, and answered the teachers’ video questions hidden in the box. At the last stage of the game, the students solved the riddles hidden in the black boxes. During this period, the agility of the players and the organization of the team were taken into account. It is gratifying that each student who participated in the game tried to apply all his knowledge to win in the team.

As a result, it was determined that all team members who participated in the game had the same level of knowledge, and there was no winning team. On the contrary, friendship won out and the students were awarded in different categories, depending on the characteristics of each team during the game.

Press Service of NIS in Semey