All the best for children

Students of the Nazarbayev Intellectual school in Semey took part in the Republican campaign called  “road to School” within the framework of the project “service to Society”. Thus, they gave presents to their brothers and sisters who study in educational institutions of the city and rural areas.

– Every year we take part in that project. Thanks to the preliminary announcement, we were pleased that in addition to students, our parents also took part in this case. The number of people who are not indifferent to this business is also growing. The funds collected at the center were used to purchase the necessary funds for training. Among them are a pen, notebooks, sketchbook, colored pencils, eraser, ruler, bag. Surely, these things will not be enough for the rest of the school year. However, we provided assistance, even if it measure were quite insignificant, – says a student of the 12th grade of our school, Moldir Siyazbayeva.

In the campaign, Moldir participated with her friend Asima Zharykbasova, coordinator of the project “service to society”, teacher-organizer and curator Dinara Nurgazina. As a result, they visited “Prirechnoye” suburban high school, secondary schools  №  25, 31, 39 located in Semey, and presented their gifts. Another group of gifts was sent to help students in need of schools and educational institutions named after Abai in the village of “Ulguli malshi” in the Kokpekty district. It should be noted that if last year’s assistance was provided to 25 children, this year their number has increased to 30.

– I am raising 5 children. I would like to express my gratitude to the staff and students of the Intellectual school who took an active part and provided support and care. I believe that education is the ability to do good things and show it to young people. I think that after your good deeds, the future generation will follow your example. I want to wish you only prosperity, – says Aida Berikkhanovna, a mother of multi- children at school No. 39.

Inspired by the “Road to school” campaign, the students of the Nazarbayev Intellectual school plan to continue holding this charity event at a high level.

Press Service of NIS in Semey