Abay’s heritage is a priceless treasure

Various events are held in our school, which are aimed at an in-depth study of the regional history, the history and culture of the country and the project “Madeniyet” is a good illustration of history. In the frame of this project 8th grade students visited Abay literary and memorial house-museum.
Our students saw the book “Zerde”, which was signed by the head of the country Nazarbayev N.A. Students also attended such halls, as “Abay and his era”, “Zhaylau”, “Takezhan”. Each hall has its own history and aims. For example, the hall “The Three Truths of Abay’s works” is devoted to the world classics writers, who inspired him to create. Summer image of Sakhara is displayed in the hall, dedicated to the poem “Summer”. According to the maps on the walls of the museum, students travelled to the “Village of sons” and to the conditional signs of the springs Kanay, Tyshkan, Kaskabulak, Tukezhan, Uytas. The museum displayed such exhibits as dombyra, er-Thurman, leather goods, Aigerim’s jewelry, Akhat Shakarimov’s shapan, as well as other things that tell about Abay’s life. In sharing their impressions, students realized that his great words were invaluable to a generation.

M. Biakhmetova,
Z. Dauletova