The Intellectual School teacher was awarded the Nevada-Semipalatinsk anti-nuclear movement’s anniversary medal

The Physics teacher of “Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Semey – Askhat Zhumabekov was awarded the jubilee medal of the international anti-nuclear movement “Nevada-Semipalatinsk”. Askhat joined the anti-nuclear movement almost ten years ago; under the auspices of Nevada-Semipalatinsk, he is engaged in science, in particular, environmental problems of the region and the study of the radiation background.

The first work carried out in 2012 was called “Study of the radiation background of Semey city”. I searched for all the necessary literature in the archives, libraries and museums of Semey and Kurchatov, and the National Nuclear Center. The project of Zhumabekov, which was presented at the 65th international scientific and practical conference in Moscow at Russian State Agricultural University named after Timiryazev and Moscow State University named after Lomonosov, took the second place.

Today, Askhat Sovetkhanovich attracts his students to research work on the ecology of his native region. Aliya Tumanbayeva and Diana Kulguskina became the laureates of the Republican Science Festival “Step to the Future” and the national UNESCO contest.

– To compile a radiation map of individual regions of our country, the students conducted studies based on the ATOM project as part of the “Tugan yelge tagzym” project. The tremendous work was done to measure, analyze and compare the background radiation in the East Kazakhstan region, Talgar settlement, in the cities of Kyzylorda, Aktobe and Atyrau”, said A. Zhumabekov. “Today, a 9th grade student Meruert Muқasheva continues her research work; she is developing a mobile application for modeling a radiation map.

The result of the great work of Askhat Zhumabekov under the auspices of “Nevada – Semipalatinsk” can be the book “The Kazakhstan Way of a Nuclear-Free World” written in collaboration with one of the country’s most famous anti-nuclear activists, the vice president of Nevada-Semipalatinsk Sultan Kartoev and published in the publishing house of the National Library of Germany.

Press service of “Nazarbayev Intellectual
School of Physics and Mathematics in Semey”