Impressionable day

We along with the students of the NIS Taldykorgan visited one of the interesting places in Aktobe. Every student noted that small trip to the farm “Ardagym” was full of unexpected reality about fish breeding in the region. Today I learned about the development of fish farming in Aktobe. The farm “Ardagym”, existing since 2006, is engaged in export of caviar and fish as well as in remote areas and in local markets and restaurants. Farm “Ardagym” surprised everyone with a variety of fish and fish breeding equipment. The understanding of the business from the side of employees, competence were important bases to the mutual trust for the product from customers and guests’ side.

Also, aspire of the employees to breed fishes like trout, sturgeon in a natural way was really impressive. Every student showed their respect to the guide as his strong academic knowledge and practical usage, that is true experience, were colossal so we could definitely believe in Aktobe agriculture’s bright future.
To conclude, everyone gained positive impression about the fish breeding in Aktobe. This trip, surely, was full of the wholesome information. We believe that awareness about the farm will be useful in spreading trust to the domestic products.

In addition, it was a honor for everyone to meet the winner of the “100 esim” project Shafhat Zholdasbayev. Sh.Zholdasbayev felt free to answer to the curious questions while sharing with his valuable experience. It was very pleasant meeting to everyone just because we understood that success will follow the one, who did not hesitate to fight, to practice and make perfect results. Thus, participants of the “Tugan elge tagzym” broadened their horizon, highligted the importance of support and social communication.

Dana Akhmerova
Student NIS FMN Semey