Aktobe is the city with high potential

Places where we have been today demonstrate Aktobe from the totally different side. Today we had a unique opportunity to visit such places as “Ice” milk fabric, which provides all region with several milk products, center of the spiritual growth “Anaga Tagzym”, where we have acquainted with the history of legend kazakh women and theatre, where we were able to watch a really distinctful performance.

The company “Ice” is one of the largest companies in the West of Kazakhstan, which has been working since 1999. This is a well-organized cluster of commodity producers, with more than 40 agricultural producers – producers. “Ice-plus” LLP is a single producer and intercooler in the Aktobe region with the production cycle “from fermi to plow”. There are many milk products such as pasteurized milk, peanut and frozen ice cream in assortment (23 times), coupling products in packaging type Pure Pack, quaternary products with butylated additives, cissile products, Enriched with Bididocultures.

Spiritual education center “Anaga tagazym” was opened. The opening ceremony was attended by the wise men of Kazakhstan, public figures, artists, business ladies, who have become the mother of the country. The main task of the Center is to increase women’s role in the family and to educate future mothers on the traditions and customs of the Kazakh people. The example of this model started in Aktobe, where the mothers community is a symbol of goodness. During the excursion, the guests watched the national museum and the exposition hall. The Center has a special office for psychological counseling, applied arts, sewing and stylistics and design classes. These clubs are ready to accept girls from the age of 7. Such project teaches us to honor the mothers who have made a great contribution to the development of our country, have a special place in the life of our country, to propagandize the mother’s special place in human life.

The value of the theater named after T. Akhtanov, its popularity with the audience is always determined by the presence of bright individuals in it. An invaluable contribution to the development of theatrical art was made by talented people. Performance of great artists was incredible as main idea brought on by this play touches the soul and hard fate of the character and deep thoughts about modern life and happiness makes you realize the meaning of life. Loggia with a colonnade facade (front view), statue in the niche of the facade of the theatre and decorative fence and lamppost created the atmosphere of archaic and romance.
Thankfully for this scientific “Tugan Elge Tagzym” expedition we have acquainted with cultural-entertainment life of the city, knew the chief principles of the work of local fabrics and once again remembered how it is essential to know the historical background of the nation as a whole.

Guldariya Zharkynbekova
Aruzhan Stakhan
Students NIS FMN Semey