Prosperous city – Aktobe

On the third day of our trip, we discovered more new places in Aktobe, namely: the pharmaceutical plant “TK Farm Aktobe ” and the local Hippodrome.
The first place where we arrived today was the pharmaceutical factory “TK Farm Aktobe”, where two kinds of drugs are being made : solid and liquid. While in the solid workshop, tablets and pills are made and packaged, in the liquid workshop, syrups are prepared. All the rooms there are cleaned properly after each use. Overall, «TK Farm Aktobe» produces 20 types of tablets, 4 types of syrup and 2 types of alcohol and iodine.
When it comes to the hippodrome, there we got to know more about national sports, which are played with horses. We learned how they are developing in the Aktobe region, and about the achievements the center has. Moreover, we have learned about the special hippotherapy, intended for disabled children, which aims at their recovery. In fact, this center is constantly expanding. Due to this, more and more children are be able to undergo the therapy here, in Aktobe.
After getting acquainted with the main building of the hippodrome, we watched the horses and competition of the local equestrian club participants in Kokpar game. The spectacle was so fascinating, that we ourselves got the desire to participate.
In general, summing up today’s day, we can say that Aktobe city is quite developed in the pharmaceutical industry. Manufacturers care about the welfare of citizens, diligently doing their work and producing high-quality products. Also, the city provides an opportunity for self-realization in the national sport, and provides support to the children with disabilities. This day has convinced us again how active economic and cultural growth of Aktobe is.

Muhammadаrif Sakhmoldin
Eldos Tatubaev
students NIS FMN Semey