The inauguration ceremony of the school “Leadership Council”

“Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics in Semey” hosted the inauguration ceremony for the re-elected members of the Leadership Council. In the entire history of the school, this is the eighth new composition, in a row. The president and members of the Council, made up of students who excel both in their studies and creative work, were presented to the public in the school assembly hall. The meeting was attended by the school administration, teachers and students.
“I can safely say that the Leadership Council is a good assistant of a teacher. After all, any event that occurs in education is not held without the participation of the Leadership Council. The Council members are always at the forefront of those who are ready to help. We elected the President of the Council before the new composition was formed. Not only students took part in the school-wide election, but teachers and school staff also voted for their candidates. The fact that 13 candidates applied to be a President, and among them three candidates remained in the final stage, says that the elections were highly competitive. The new tasks are now assigned to the President and his team. We believe that they will live up the expectations with honor,” said Larisa Abylkasymova, Deputy Director for Educational Work.
An eleventh grade student who won the election having 299 votes according to the results of voting, Temirlan Amirgazin gave the oath to be worthy and not grudge his knowledge for the good of the school, noting that the responsibility of the presidency is very big. Meanwhile, the 13 ministers responsible for various areas unanimously vowed to make every effort to thrive the work of the leadership council. This time the “Alash”, “Tarbagatay”, “Karagaily”, “Shakarim”, “Zhidebai”, “Irtysh”, “Shyngystau”, “Kalbatau” Shanyrak leaders were also presented.

Press service of “Nazarbayev Intellectual
School of Physics and Mathematics in Semey”