Help of graduates

Our school has a good connection with graduates. Proof of this is that graduates of 2017-2018 academic year, current students of Nazarbayev University Yousupov Temirzhan and Rakishev Akezhan, conducted an Olympic course on programming, which was attended by pupils of 7-10 grades.

The course was based on the basics of the C++ programming language, widely used for software development. C++ is one of the most popular programming languages, the main number of hours was allocated to practical assignments. Our students were able to use their knowledge and skills, which they gained in the course of Olympic programming and on network Olympiad. According to the results of the network Olympiad of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools on general education subjects our students received prize-winning places, Muhammad Sahmoldin prize-winning 1 place, Dana Damenova prize-winning 3 place.

Review of the course of the student of 10 class Damenova Dana:

I participated in a sports programming camp. The students were divided into 2 groups – beginners and continuing. I was in the continuing group. Every day various control tests were carried out – time-limited competitions containing different number of tasks of different complexity on a certain topic. First we sent our solutions for verification for 2.5 hours, and after the expiration of time Temirzhan and Akezhan explained to us the solution of tasks with which we had questions and problems. In addition to showing their own method, they also dealt with our ideas and gave advice on improving our solutions. We heard from them many interesting and extremely useful tips on ways to optimize our codes, as well as they shared often encountered techniques to solve certain types of problems. During classes, we looked at topics such as binary search, dynamic programming, trees, bitmaps, strings and structures. All these sections are important for the sports programmer, and the acquired knowledge and experience gained during training will undoubtedly find application during solving problems and Olympiads in the future.

Dinara Yesmagambetova
Teacher of Computer Science