Robotics competition in Semey

The regional robotics competitions were held in “Nazarbayev Intellectual school in Semey”. The topic of this year’s contest is a “Smart City”. “World Robot Olympiad” is a traditional international competition for schoolchildren and students. “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools” of Kazakhstan have the right to hold the regional and republican robotics competitions. The competitions held among adolescents and young people aged 10 – 21 years in all regions of the country were organized at the same time this year. In the East Kazakhstan, the competitions were held at “Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Semey”. 135 schoolchildren and students from 70 teams from Ust-Kamenogorsk, Semey, Kurchatov and regional centers took part in it. The participants competed in the following categories: soccer of robots, sumo, inversion (movement along a given line), and a free composition – a demonstration of the original inventions.
Every robotics competition within the “World Robot Olympiad” has its own theme. This time it was devoted to the topic of a “Smart City”. How can we improve the urban living with robots? It turned out that there are a lot of options for using robots to solve the given issue. For example, the middle group performed the task of automatically turning the lights off at a distance using the robots. If in the future it will be possible to introduce the robotic installations into our everyday life on the basis of new technological developments as it has already been introduced in the civilized economy -developed countries, this would make our life much more comfortable and convenient. It also considers the introduction of the automatic machines in the passenger transportation service – calling a taxi and in the other areas of everyday life.
“Our main goal is to support our talented youth,” says the chief judge of the competition – Bakytbek Orynbayev. One of the participants of the regional tour is Miras Muratkhanov, a 9th grade student of NIS of Physics and Mathematics.. He has been studying robotics for two years. He participated in national and international competitions twice.
“Robotics is the future of mankind. With the help of robots, we will be able to significantly simplify our lives”, says Miras. “ I believe that a design and invention of robots bring the great benefits to the development of intellectual skills. I really like this exciting experience. By observing myself I have realized that intellectual labour makes us to think faster and more abstract, and to grow up. This is not just a competition for competing and being rivals, it is a collection and review of useful and perspective applied projects for the society. The main thing is as a result to implement the useful developments in daily activities. Moreover, doing robotics, I found many friends and like-minded people all over the world.
Today, perhaps there are no students who would be indifferent to robotics. This hobby is widespread everywhere, both in the city and in the countryside. According to Physics and Computer Science teacher of the secondary school named after Auezov of Abai district – Leyla Mukatova, all middle and high school children are fond of robotics in their school.
“Usually the girls do not have a passion for robotics”, says a participant in the competition, a student of the Auezov middle school – Kamal Amangazykyzy, “but this science is interesting for me and I find solutions just as well as boys. Since I began to participate in competitions, I began to think and move faster. The robotics allows also getting deeper and better knowledge in Mathematics, Physics, and Computer science. The strongest teams were revealed according to the results of the regional competition. The best results were shown by Oskemen NIS team “Oskemen Football Team”, “Infinity Space” and Semey NIS “Tensors”, “Lubain” as well as a team called “Pirates” from the “Club of young technicians” (Ust-Kamenogorsk). From Semey, the teams called “On the edge of Zhetishatyr” – an innovative lyceum, “Robo Sem 15” secondary school №15, and “Element 22” – school №22. All winners were awarded diplomas and certificates of competition.