Abylkasimova L.O.

Deputy Director for Pastoral Work

Full name
Abylkassymova Larissa Oralbayevna

Date of birth


Kazakh, Russian, English conversational

12.02.1988 – State Institution «Semey», speciality – Russian language and Literature, qualification – teacher of Russian language and Literature, 14.01.2015 г. Russia, Modern HumanitarianAcademy, Moscow, Master’s Program 080200 Management, profile of the educational program: Human resource management,qualification – Master’s Degree

Work experince
1988 – 1989 – orphanage №3, assistant educator
1990 – 1991 – secondary school № 41 – pioneer leader, teacher of Russian language and Literature
1991 – 1992 – secondary school №33 – pioneer leader, 1992-1995 г. – Primary classes teacher
1995 – 1996 – Russian language and Literature 1996-1999 г. Deputy Director for Educational Work
1999 – 2009 – Deputy Director for Academic Affairs 2009 г – up to present time Deputy Director for Educational Work in « Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Math in Semey »

«Letter of Appreciation» AEO «Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools», 2017 г.
Letter of Appreciation from school administration: 2015, 2016, 2017.

Certificates of participation in conferences:
2014-international conference. Semey
2015- international conference. Sri-Lanka
2015- international conference. Кaraganda
2016- Shakarim’s readings
2016-national contest «New Pedagogical Ideas» Almaty

Family information
Married, mother-heroine «Silver Medal», 6 children


Personal line
For me the system of NIS became a ship of new knowledge, that sails on all sails! I I am very proud to take part in this project, that I can be useful to my country and can make changes in the system of education and upbringing. I sincerely believe in what we do! Looking back, I remember how we came to this project, one of the first … We risked, because we left our convenient teams, where we worked for a long time … What moved us? I’m sure that each of us wanted to make our school “new-different” … but we did not know how! I am very grateful to my campaign for giving us a lot of knowledge, teaching us to think differently and move only forward. Now we are completely different! I am confident that we are moving right! I sincerely wish good luck to this project, development and prosperity to all teammates, new knowledge and experience!