With love for little citizens of the state!

Children are our future; any citizen of the state understands it. Our project was organized with the aim of protecting the little ones, who due to certain reasons, were born ahead of time. There is an organization in the world named “28 loops”, which assists prematurely born babies, and in our city, there is a branch of this organization, the “Club of 28 loops” in Semey. The students’ parents immediately supported the initiative of the children, and helped to collect the initial amount to purchase the wool for knitting clothing for babies.
According to our state’s legislation, the prematurely born infants are considered babies born before their time and weighing between 500 and 1900 grams. It is necessary to take care of the body heat in the early seconds after newborn comes into being with an extremely low weight. The loss of heat leads to the fact that the body has to spend energy not on growth and development, but on warming the body; to avoid this it is necessary to maintain body heat. The social project “Bakyt kushagynda” pursues the following goals:
To contribute to providing the care for prematurely born babies;
To provide prenatal center in Semey with knitted goods for contributing to a more efficient nursing of prematurely born babies on an ongoing basis.
The friction of woolen fibers on a child’s leg is a natural massage of the reflex zones of the feet, which has not only a warming effect, but also a tonic and health-promoting effect.For several months, the students knitted clothing according to certain standards. Since this project is a social project of 10 B and 10 E grades, the students did not always have free time. On January 30, 2019, the social project coordinators on behalf of classes presented 15 sets of children’s apparel to prenatal center in Semey. We want to express our gratitude to additional education teachers, school teachers and technical staff, all those who did not remain indifferent, and helped to knit these sets. The students also made cards for infants’ mothers, as well as instructions on the use of woolen kits. We also thank curators, the club coordinator of “28 loops in Semey” Kudaibergenova Saltanat for the yarn provided and detailed instructions for project fulfillment, let your good return to you a hundredfold !!! Our social project is continuing and therefore everyone who wants can still join us, and the kids will be happy for any sponsorship! We need knitters and volunteers. We wish the kids health and we hope that the clothing that we knitted will help them get well soon.

Amanbekova Nazerke, Karimgozhinova Aiym, 10 B and 10 E grade students